PNBCDXC Membership Survey

Name ____________________________________

Mailing _________________________________      Home _____________________________________
Address                                        Address
_________________________________________      __________________________________________

Do you want your address printed in the membership list?   Mailing _____  Home _____

Phone number at work ___________________       at home _____________________

Do you want other DXers to phone you at home?  ______  work ______

    If so, when it the best time?  Home _____________  Work ________________

Age _______  Occupation ____________________________________________________

What other radio related clubs are you a member of? _____________________________________

What bands do you mainly DX?  ___________________________________________________________

                  sometimes DX? _________________________________________________________

                  want to DX, but no time or equipment? _________________________________

When did you start DXing? _____  What are your totals (stations/states/countries) _______

Please list your receiver(s) (include portables as well): _______________________________


Please list your antenna(s): ____________________________________________________________


What other exotic equipment do you own and regularly use? (tape recorders, audio filters,
tuners, etc....)


Would you be willing to write a review describing any of your equipment? ______

Are you interested in attending (being informed of) local DXer get-togethers? ______

    If so, what days and times are best for you? ________________________________________

Can you hold a local get-together at your home or arrange for one in your area? ______

    If so, when is the best time of year? _______________________________________________

Are you interested in attending (or arranging for) a DXpedition? ______

Are you interested in being a part of a DX hot line? ______

Do you collect radio paraphernalia? ______  If so, what? ________________________________

What are some of your other interests? __________________________________________________


Do you know of anyone else who might want to be part of this club? ______

Please forward the names and addresses to club HQ or email:

Phil Bytheway, Publisher
philip_bytheway at
Bruce Portzer, Editor-In-Chief
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