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c/o Bruce Portzer
6546 19th Ave NE
Seattle WA 98115

The PNBCDXC was formed in 1982 to promote fellowship and information exchange among DXers in the Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and British Columbia area of North America. There are a large number of DXers of all types in this area, all of which have something to share with their fellow DXers. In addition, there are also periodic meetings/get-togethers of DXers in the area that DXers of all bands want to know about. The PNBCDXC newsletter, published every one to two months (depending on contributions), is the mechanism by which these DXers receive this information.

Each newsletter will contain a variety of items. There will always be a calendar of upcoming events, along with current news of stations in the PNBCDXC area. In addition, the latest PNBCDXC member SW/AM/FM and TV loggings are listed in the logging columns. Other items of interest that appear frequently include radio reviews and information on publications pertinent to the hobby.

The PNBCDXC hosts regular meetings, the most notable being held each year (usually in February) at the home of PNBCDXC Editor-in-Chief Bruce Portzer. Other meetings and/or get-togethers are planned periodically... if you know of any meetings or events which might interest DXers, we would be pleased to promote it in the PNBCDXC newsletter.

At this time, dues for the PNBCDXC are $9.00/12 issues for US, $10.00/12 issues for Canadian members. If you wish to become a part of the PNBCDXC and receive the newsletter, fill out our questionnaire (for our membership list-this is, of course, optional; we will not publish information if you do not want us to) and send the correct amount (in US funds) along with your name and address to Bruce Portzer at the address above.

Checks or Money Orders should be made out to Phil Bytheway.

Any and all contributions to the PNBCDXC newsletter are welcome (even if you're not a club member). The Editor-In-Chief (Bruce Portzer) is responsible for compiling the newsletter, but the information within comes from the PNBCDXC members. If you wish to contribute to the PNBCDXC newsletter, please write Bruce Portzer at the address above.

Finally, the PNBCDXC is intended to be a club of DXers and for DXers of all bands of interest. We of the PNBCDXC are looking forward to serving you....

Best of DX,

Phil Bytheway,
Publisher, PNBCDXC


The cost of a sample copy of the PNBCDXC newsletter in North America is $0.32, the cost of a first-class postage stamp. Elsewhere, a sample costs 2 IRCs.

Phil Bytheway, Publisher
Bruce Portzer, Editor-In-Chief
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