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Radio HF Newsletter


P.O. Box 292132
Columbus, OH 43229

Interested in: Shortwave Listening?

Utility, FM & TV DXing, and Scanning?

Monthly Propagation Information?

If you need help keeping up with the constant changes occurring in the all band communications hobby, then the members of the Miami Valley DX Club invite you to join with us in exploring the exciting world of communications monitoring.

The Miami Valley DX Club (MVDXC) was formed in January 1973 and first began publishing its monthly newsletter, DX World, in August of that year.

At the time the club tended to cater to the novice shortwave listener or DXer and was considered to be a regional organization. However, it has since grown to over 100 members from all parts of North America and now addresses itself to the listener of every level of experience and communications interest.

The club holds monthly meetings (dependent on demand) to discuss club business, meet new people, discuss the hobby, and to have a good time. Everyone, including non-member listening enthusiasts are welcome at these meetings. Dates of these meetings are announced well in advance in the club newsletter.

DX World

The DX World is published monthly, printed by photocopy and usually containing from 12-16 pages of useful information to the communication hobbyist. The newsletter covers the entire radio-frequency spectrum with a main emphasis on shortwave listening. The DX World covers members' broadcast and utility loggings, extensive propagation review and analysis, station schedules, programming information and reviews of the latest equipment as well as other items designed to make the hobby more enjoyable. The newsletter is entirely supported by contributions of material from MVDXC members.

All interested hobbyists are encouraged to join.

You may obtain a sample copy of the newsletter for $1.00

Send all inquiries to the above address.

We look forward to hearing from you.


All Wave


DX World (monthly)


  • USA $10.00
  • Elsewhere please write


The cost of a sample copy of DX World in North America is $1.00 or 3 IRCs elsewhere.

Dave Hammer, Publisher
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