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Phil Bytheway
9705 Mary NW
Seattle, WA 98117

DecalcoMania, The Club

Hello and thank you for your interest in the DecalcoMania club. DecalcoMania (check your dictionary!) began in 1982 as a means of establishing and maintaining contact between collectors of radio/TV station stickers and other promotional material. Before the year was out, collectors of radio broadcast recordings, or "airchecks," even more underserved by established clubs and publications, were welcomed into DecalcoMania. Today, the club's bulletin is the primary "meeting place" for dozens of people who collect and trade broadcasting paraphernalia, recordings, stories and ideas. If any or all of these subjects interest you, then DecalcoMania is ready to be your club!


DecalcoMania, The Bulletin

While not limited to "active" collectors and/or broadcasting people, participation in the DecalcoMania and its bulletin by club members is encouraged, and necessary to the club's survival. The bulletin, the most visible of the club's activities, has an experienced publishing and editorial staff, but all are unpaid volunteers, and, of course, the bulletins are only as good and as helpful as members and their contributions allow. Thus, even occasional small contributions of news for the bulletin's columns are far better than nothing. Your dues money covers club expenses for the DecalcoMania bulletin, which includes the cost of printing and mailing.

Member are also encouraged to submit for publication to the Editor-in-Chief (Phil Bytheway) their own articles, drawings and cover designs, as well as appropriate photos, station logos and newspaper clippings.

Another club activity is the audio DECAL-ON-TAPE cassettes, which compliment, but do not imitate, the printed bulletin. Airchecks, spoken-word articles and other fun fill a 90 minute tape produced whenever contributions allow.

DecalcoMania is published 10 times per year.

I Love 4GG!


Since trading is an interactive pursuit, DecalcoMania has an annual get-together, either on its own or in conjunction with some other radio or DX club. It is hoped that all meetings that may be of interest to any of the DecalcoMania members get some advance publicity in the pages of the bulletin.


DecalcoMania has also published books, the most recent being AIRCHECK ARCADE THE NEXT BOOK and CARE & FEEDING OF A PROMO COLLECTION. Each of them serves as excellent hobby reference materials, for station-recording and promotional-item collecting respectively, and includes much of the contents from the DecalcoMania club bulletin columns addressing these topics. In addition, the club bad published a 14 page sticker UNID List, very useful for identifying stickers containing only a slogan.

If you have not already done so, we suggest that you order a sample copy of the DecalcoMania club's bulletin, as this will give you an even better idea about the club, and whether the club is right for you (and you for it.) A copy of a recent issue will be sent. Order your complimentary sample from the publisher at the address below.

If you have additional questions about the club or its publications, please email to philip_bytheway at

Should you, as we hope, wish to join the DecalcoMania club, or purchase any of the club's publications, send the appropriate amount to the Publisher (Phil Bytheway) at:

DecalcoMania, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA 98117-2334.

Please see our rate card for membership dues and publication prices.


The cost of a sample copy of DecalcoMania in North America is $0.33, the cost of a first-class postage stamp. Elsewhere, a sample costs 2 IRCs. Requests for a sample should be sent to: DecalcoMania, 9705 Mary NW, Seattle WA 98117-2334.

More information about Decalcomania is available from

Phil Bytheway, Publisher
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