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Radio HF Newsletter


ANARC Presents Don Jensen Distinguished Service Award for 2003

At the recently concluded NASWA Winter SWL Fest, ANARC presented its annual Don Jensen Distinguished Service Award for 2003 to Harry Helms. Congratulations to Harry, and to NASWA and Festmeister's Richard Cuff and John Figliozzi for yet another successful Fest!

MDXC Celebrates 30 Years

The Minnesota DX Club is having their 30th Anniversary Party on March 8th. They are having a dinner and are going to have one of the founding members there. You can find more information about the MDXC and their 30th anniversary, as well as contact information for James Dale, who can provide you with more information on the dinner, on the MDXC web site.

ANARC Constitution now available

Fans of organization governance may be interested to know that the Constitution that governs ANARC is now online.

ANARC Awards for 2002

The Association of North American Radio Clubs is proud to announce the recipients of the 2002 Don Jensen Distinguished Service Award and Certificates of Recognition.

Don Jensen Distinguished Service Award

The 2002 Don Jensen Distinguished Service Award is awarded to Ralph Brandi.

It is though his talents that our hobby has been able to stay in pace with the information age and take advantage of the growth of the Internet. Ralph has been the backbone of both ANARC and the North American Shortwave Association, and has been giving unselfishly of his talents, knowledge and time.

Ralph along with several other hobbyists immediately went into action to form the "Save The BBC Coalition" with the goal to open the eyes of the British Government to show the mistake of closing down the BBC's Australasian and North American Services. Through their efforts they managed to make an impact as the "Save The BBC" website quickly became a centerpiece for the organization and gained worldwide recognition.

It is through this effort and years of service that ANARC is proud to recognize those accomplishments.

Certificate of Recognition for the Save The BBC Coalition

The Association of North American Radio Clubs is proud to present a group Certificate of Recognition to the Save The BBC Coalition for their incredibly fast reaction to organize, and disseminate information regarding the British Broadcasting Corporation,s decision to discontinue their Austrailasian and North American Services.

The Coalition continues to build, and to open the eyes of the British Government on the reasons to restore these services.

Certificate of Recognition for the RCI Action Committee

The Association of North American Radio Clubs proudly presents a group Certificate of Recognition to the RCI Action Committee.

For over 10 years their tireless and ongoing efforts have sought to restore full funding to Radio Canada International. Their efforts still continue today to help RCI, struggling to maintain its service, its integrity, meet its mandate, and to serve the shortwave listeners of the world as the voice of Canada abroad.

The RCI Action Committee is currently in one of its most difficult and challenging battles, attempting to counter the integration of RCI into the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the re-deployment of new strategies of the new RCI management team.

With this Certificate ANARC gladly recognizes their efforts.

All of the awards were presented during the 15th Annual Winter SWL Fest Banquet held during the weekend of 8-9 March 2002 in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, USA.

Mark Meece, ANARC HQ

Marie Lamb Presented 2001 Don Jensen Distinguished Service Award

Each year this award is presented annually to the hobbyist that exhibits the characteristics of leadership, dedication and all around outstanding contributions to the listening hobby.

In making our decision for this year's award recipient, ANARC came to the realization that this was a recognition long overdue.

This year's award winner has over the past few years provided the radio listening hobby with a voice, a voice in the very medium that has attracted us to this hobby that we all share. Their quiet yet hard working effort over the years of keeping the hobby visible and growing is now brought to the forefront with this award.

While there were many deserving individuals for this year's award, ANARC felt the time has come for a new voice to be given its due, and this year's recipient's overwhelming contributions to the hobby was the most deserving of the fine list of nominations.

This year we mark the new millennium, and a new era for the radio listening hobby by presenting the 2001 Don Jensen Distinguished Service Award to Marie Lamb, "The Voice of ANARC".

Mark Meece, ANARC HQ

(Presented at the 2001 NASWA Winter SWL Fest.)

ANARC Recognizes Gigi Lytle

The Association of North American Radio Clubs is proud to award a Certificate of Recognition (Posthumously) to Gigi Lytle.

We knew Gigi as a friend and fellow DXer whose unbridled passion for the shortwave listening hobby was evident whenever a conversation was engaged at the many conventions in which she attended. Gigi made the radio hobby synonymous with the word friendship. Gigi not only embraced the radio hobby with a passion, also her love for God's animals was second to none.

She is very much missed by those of us lucky enough to have met her on the path. For those of us who knew her, we will never be able to think about shortwave radio listening without first thinking of Gigi, and that is the way it should be.

Mark Meece, ANARC HQ

(Presented at the 2001 NASWA Winter SWL Fest.)

Winter SWL Fest News

How Long Until the Next NASWA Winter SWL Fest?Well, the 'Fest is over for this year, and it was fantastic. One of the best aspects was the influx of first-time attendees; when the crowd was asked Saturday night how many were there for the first time, hands popped up throughout the room. At a guess, I would say there were between 30 and 40 first-timers! We had visitors from many countries and all over North America among the almost 200 attendees. ANARC was proud to participate in the 'Fest again. We're grateful to Rich Cuff and John Figliozzi for pulling it all together, and to the volunteers under them without whom the whole thing wouldn't be possible.

Risto Kotalampi won the race yet again to become the first to post pictures to the web (from the 'Fest itself); he and Kari Kivekäs also did yeoman's duty covering the fest like it was news. And for a second year as well, Bill Bergadano KA2EMZ wasn't far behind. Fest webmaster Tom Sundstrom has also posted his photos. If you've posted photos from the Fest to the web, please let Tom Sundstrom know so he can post a link from the Fest page.

If you want to relive the 'Fest experience all year round, you can subscribe to the SWL Fest mailing list.


ANARC, the Association of North American Radio Clubs, is proud to provide this World Wide Web page for radio hobbyists around the world. This page is the place to look for information about ANARC and all its member clubs, including the following:

The Association of North American Radio Clubs (ANARC) was founded in 1964. The aims of the organization are as follows:

  1. Promotion of close ties and interchange of ideas and information among North American radio clubs.
  2. Communications on behalf of North American radio clubs and the listening hobby with broadcasters, equipment manufacturers and dealers, the news media and the general public.
  3. Establishment of standards which may be adopted by and for individual radio clubs.
  4. Establishment of resources and support for large-scale hobby-wide projects

Membership in ANARC is open to radio clubs whose headquarters and principle places of business are located in North America or the Caribbean, and which publish a bulletin no less than four times per year.

ANARC is made up of a number of member clubs. ANARC strives to work for the common good of listeners in North America. All the clubs forming ANARC are responsible volunteer organizations. ANARC is operated by a seven member Executive Board within the guidelines stipulated in the ANARC Constitution. Each member club appoints an official ANARC Representative to complete the ANARC Staff.

Thanks for visiting ANARC Web!

Harold Cones
E-mail: hcones at cnu dot edu

ANARC Web is designed and maintained by Ralph Brandi.

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